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Welcome to New Jerusalem!

We are located in the heart of downtown Albany, New York at 160 Sheridan Avenue (between Dove & S. Swan Streets). We believe in making a joyful noise unto the Lord in praise and worship, for in Him is victory!

We have a full schedule of services to assist in training, developing and equipping a body of believers in Jesus Christ that are capable of representing the light of Jesus Christ in a lost world. 

Sermon Summary: The Benefits of Christ

1.Justification (Romans 4, 5) Justification is the act of God from which mankind is made just of free from the guilt of penalty of sin;
 Jesus defends his children against accusations of satan and his cohorts.

2.Ransom: Mark 10:45; Jesus died to pay our debt and free us the enslavement of sin. In this world of terrorism, ransom carries a
 negative connation.

3.Reconciliation: II Cor. 5:19 Jesus died to restore the relationship between God and man becoming our mediator. Jesus’s restoration of the
 relationship differs significantly from “reconciled” marriages, relationships and friendships in which trust, confidence and the emotional bond
 is hardly ever restored to its original state.  

4.Mediation – I Tim 2:5; Hebrews 8, 9; Christ mediates the relationship between God and his people thereby presenting us faultless before
 the presence of His Glory.  

5.Revelation: Jesus lived and died to reveal and show forth the Father. Revelation empowers God’s people often granting them the ability
 to discern people, places and things in a way that will provide protection, insight and wisdom.

6.Glorification Romans 8:30; God will glorify his people. Live for Him, worship Him, and praise Him and allow him to glorify you. 

7.Quickening of the Mortal Body Romans 8:11 The Lord sent back the Comforter to empower us to become witnesses and lead and
 guide us into all truth. The Spirit of Christ will only lead you to positive outcomes even sometime through fiery trials.  



  SUNDAYS 9:00 A.M. Radio Broadcast 
TUESDAY      6:00 P.M. Prayer,  & Programming
WEDNESDAY 6:00 A.M. Prayer
THURSDAY    7:00 P.M. Bible Study

Sundays at 11:30 A.M. - Divine Worship Experience!